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We can discuss biotechnology assignment help in the later section, but we must first understand biotechnology fundamentals.  

What is Biotechnology?

Any technology that deals with living organism to enhance human capabilities in terms of health, resources, or environment can be termed biotechnology. 

Biotechnology is not a new concept, and humans have been practising this for ages. Traditional commodities like wine, bread, beer, cheese, and yoghurt all use natural methods. In the 1800s, Louis Pasteur demonstrated that fermentation was the outcome of microbial action. Later in 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming endured extracting penicillin from mould. Since then, biotechnology has reached its zenith, and today is the age of industrial biotechnology. 

Biotechnology as a career is very diverse, and it makes the core of many types of researches going on worldwide. The dimensions of human health have changed exponentially due to the advent of biotechnology. Assignments in biotechnology can be exciting when you get help from online assignment experts. 

Biotechnology assignments need an impact presentation to impress the examiner.

Fields of Biotechnology:

We can find a diverse range of applications of biotechnology, which is the most prominent reason for making it the most preferred subject by the students. Biotechnology can be seen reshaping human health, agriculture, environment, forensics, bio security and many more. 

Agriculture: Biotechnology has been successful in creating an age long impact on agriculture and farmers. With the help of gene editing and DNA profiling, crop yields have been increased exponentially. Scientists have also successfully developed various pest-resistant crops that can sustain different types of pest attacks resulting in surplus food production and food security for the entire human civilization.  

Environment: Branch of biotechnology that approaches environmental limitations, such as removing pollution, biomass production or renewable energy generation by exploiting biological processes. The most critical aspect of modern biotechnology can highly impact the global crisis of environmental degradation and global warming. 

Health: Biotechnology is widely used in medicine to develop new and innovative techniques for preventing various life-threatening diseases. It assists in rendering efficient medications and prevention measures for multiple illnesses by its discoveries of novel drugs and recombinant vaccines. the scope of biotechnology can never.

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